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Forget Botox! This Beauty Treatment is Taking Over

Forget Botox! This Beauty Treatment is Taking Over

Fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, age spots, hyper pigmentation, acne scarring, large pores...  YUCK.  

The older we get, the more these "things" keep happening to us.  Brown spots pop up out of no where, fine lines start creeping in, our pores seem to be growing before our eyes... Make it all stop.  PLEASE!

What if I told you that there was a treatment that could help all of those issues?  I'm not talking about botox or fillers or face lifts or lasers.  I'm talking about a minimally invasive treatment that you can get done in a matter of minutes that will change your skin forever.

Don't be scared, and don't be nervous.  These are a couple of the reactions I get when I mention the service" microneedling" to my clients.  I think the word needle just freaks people out.  And rightfully so...I get it.  I sometimes wish that the word "needle" wasn't in the description because most of the time people try to avoid those suckers at all costs.  But if I could ease any anxiety that might be rising at the thoughts of putting needles anywhere on your body right now, let me do so.  The results will be well worth it.  

Microneedling is a service that is blowing up in the medical spa industry right now.  Google the term, and your computer screen will be flooded with celebrities who have been getting it done. The procedure is quick, with little to no down time (which is a huge plus for anyone who has experienced a medical grade service before).  This service is done mostly on the face, but can also be extended to the neck area as well as the tops of the hands.   Let me break it down for you:

In a microneedling service, a Dermapen is used.  This is a small implement which contains 12 fine point needles.  We can adjust the depth of the needles, as well as the speed in which they move in and out of the skin.  Once the skin is numbed with a topical numbing cream, we glide the Dermapen over the skin in circular motions.

TheDermapen creates fine microscopic holes in the skin, tricking the skin into thinking that it has been wounded.  Don't worry...this is a good thing.  This forces the skin to regenerate itself from underneath and produce more collagen and elastin, flooding the layers with growth factors.  This is exactly what you want.  **Collagen and elastin help to plump the skin, giving it a youthful glow.** 

The process takes only a few minutes.  While the whole face is treated, we also have the ability to focus on any problem areas or concerns the client may have (aka certain dark spots, acne scars etc).  Afterwards, the option to infuse the skin with additional growth factors, vitamin C and E, and retinol is an option.  Doing so allows these products to penetrate deep into the dermis for greater results.  Sunscreen is always applied as the last step.

Now I always the get the question, "Does it hurt?"  And my response is always the same.  "It is a little bit uncomfortable, and everyone's pain tolerance is different.  Some of my clients aren't bothered at all, and some are a little more sensitive."  I have a client that sees me on the regular for facials, and she finally decided to come try out microneedling.  She was so nervous! I had never seen her like that before. But once we started she said, "Oh that's it?  Extractions hurt more than this!"

Your skin may be red for about a day.  Everyone's skin is unique, so keep in mind that the reactions may differ from client to client.  It feels, and looks like, you have a bad sunburn.  Your skin may be a little hot and tingly  However, after about an hour, the microscopic holes in the skin close up, which means you can put on makeup!  SCORE!  You don't have to hide out in the house until your skin goes back to normal!

Minimal peeling may occur, but usually a really good moisturizer will take care of that problem.   Just be sure for the first couple of days to use sensitive products that don't contain any harsh ingredients.

Within a week, you will notice that your skin is starting to glow again.  And the best part is one treatment makes your skin produce collagen for up to 6 months!  You can get a series of these treatments (which I would recommend) because you will get better results that way.  However, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.  If you are looking for a glow, you can get that with one to two treatments.  If you are looking to work on dark spots and fine lines, 4-5 treatments might be the right plan for you.

Talk to your dermatologist or skin care provider who can asses your skin and set up a regimen that works for you.

I myself just had a 6 treatment series in 5 weeks, and my skin has never looked better!  I get compliments left and right and to be honest...I haven't even had to put makeup on.  I'm just excited that for the next few months my skin will continue to improve.

There are at home products that try to mimic microneedling, but buyer beware.  They aren't the same as getting the treatment done with a professional.  Do some research and make sure that you are educated about what you are doing to your skin.  At home products can be great, but when you are dealing with more intense procedures, at home knock-offs can be damaging to the skin.

Are you still reading??  If you are I'm so glad that you weren't deterred as soon as you read the word needle!  If you are ready to take that next step in skin care, and want to give your skin that youthful glow again, try this treatment.  You will have people complimenting your beautiful skin in no time.

<3 P.S.  Keep in mind everyone's skin is different.  Some people may stay red longer than others, and some people may peel more than others.  Talk to your skin professional about your goals.  The intensity of the session can be adjusted based on your comfortability.  



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